Day Out – Pooh Corner Hartfield

With the kids on school holiday I was thinking of ways to get them involved with my Bees & Beyond project, and where best for two 4 year olds to start than with their favourite bear who loves honey?

With this in mind we took an afternoon out to stroll around the historic village of Hartfield, East Sussex, and take a look at the old curiosity and tea shop called Pooh Corner.

Stuffed to the brim with the largest selection of ‘Pooh-phernalia,’ this beautiful store is housed within a 300 year building and was started in 1978 by a gentlemen called Mr Ridley. Ridley had met with Pooh author A.A. Milne’s son – Christopher Robin Milne who had featured in many of the Pooh stories.

Ridley set about to curate this marvellous collection of souvenirs and treasures fit for any age and it seems particularly fitting that you can soak up the atmosphere in the little village the original stories were actually written in!

Additionally, if you have a car and can travel around 15 minutes you can also explore the enchanted ‘real’ places that featured in the books such as 100 Acre Wood and the Pooh Sticks Bridge (there is no charge to visit these).  Further information and maps can be found in the store.

If like us all the browsing tuckers you out you can stay for a ‘smackeral’ at Piglets Tearoom and Garden.  We ate a delicious afternoon tea and even had Pooh shaped sandwiches!

We were even lucky to see many types of honey and bumble bee around the garden collecting pollen whilst we ate.


For further information visit the Pooh Corner website:

Or contact on 01892 770456




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